Monday, January 5, 2009

Wonderful Boys

Today it's back to routine. Victor has been on vacation for two weeks along with both boys -- and it's been wonderful. We were thinking about going on an adventure somewhere, like up to Vermont, but ended up staying put and chilling out. It was fabulous. Staying in pajamas way to long, watching movies, sledding -- even skiing (the kids) on a golf course down the street, reading, playing games, sitting by the warm wood stove. It makes you want to homeschool and work from home.
This is what I came downstairs to yesterday morning. Benjamin folding laundry that was done drying on the racks. Wow. I'm speechless, really. But you know how proud I am. He even sorted socks after he was done folding and put out the wet clothes to dry. No, you can't adopt him. He's mine.
On Saturday afternoon, the boys surprised me with a "Christmas Present". They, on their own, decided that they would go and fetch wood for my fire, as a gift. Amazing, right?

Also on Saturday, I found Benjamin like this . . . yes, working out multiplication on a chalkboard. For his own . . . amusement. You know I'm proud -- but also astonished. Is this kid for real?
And, yesterday afternoon, I gave him the job of going through all of the seeds I have left over from last summer, and catalog them. He attacked the job with gusto and now -- Voila!
I know what I have, and what I do not. Wonderful.
And here is my precious Ripley doing what he loves best -- sports. Saturday was his first day of basketball. When Benjamin was young, I thought organized sports for little kids was ridiculous. And I still do, to some degree. Children should have time to just go outside and play with their imagination. There is plenty of time for organized everything. Right? However, with Ripley, he just LOVES anything to do with sports. His eyes sparkle, his face lights up and he frequently says things like "Oh! It's so A-W-E-S-O-M-E!" when he talks about sports (he has an older brother, what can I say?). I just can't deny the boy. And sports aren't all bad, right?
Back sore much? This picture cracks me up.
All 6 feet of Victor's frame bent down to Ripley's level.

Here are "the troops". Ripley is the top kid with the yellow shirt on holding a blue ball.
Josie does an amazing job with these 4 year olds. Kudos Josie!

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geisme said...

Um, how old is Ben? 9? I know some lovely young ladies we could match make him with; forget the adoption thing! :) Let me see- the Kerr's, the Iacobbo's. :) mine? :) are mine too young?