Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Friends

L to R: Matt, Carl, Jacob, Dave, Scott and Victor
All it took was a short email asking for "Help!" and all these fabulous friends showed up after church on a Sunday afternoon, several with wives and children in tow. My brother (in the red) compared it to an old fashioned barn raising. Friends piling in to lend a hand for a specific purpose, except with less food. However they all seemed content with a celebratory beer. We are so thankful, and blessed to have such great friends. Thanks guys.

So, what did they do, you ask? The six of them had to haul this 6 to 700 pound hen house into our backyard. Their only aide: a small dolly. The delivery guy plunked it into our front yard. So the guys had to trek this thing all the way into the backyard dodging our garden, rocks, trees, and a swing-set, at times lifting the whole thing up with brute force. It was quite an accomplishment, and as you can see, they are very proud after having completed their assignment! Just look at those smiles!

Yes, as if I wasn't crazy enough already, we are getting a small handful of pet hens for our boys to take care of (Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red and Plymouth / Barred Rock). Benjamin is almost all the way through a book written especially for children on the subject. 

Afterwards, my brother Scott, his wife Tanya and their three children stayed for pizza  which we ate outside in the sun. It was a gorgeous, warm spring day. Scott and Victor cut down a few trees that will give the hens more sunlight and make room for a few more raised beds that we are hoping to add next year. Exciting.

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Kristi said...

Love your chicken house! I must warn you, chickens are addictive. They are so much fund to watch. My husband and I get a cup of coffee in the evening an go out to the bench to watch the chickens' antics. They make us laugh. You're going to enjoy them.