Monday, April 20, 2009


After spending time with a dear Irish friend, my mother gained a new appreciation for Tea. Mom conceived of the idea of teaching her grandchildren a few life lessons about manners through a tea party she decided to throw while we were all down south visiting. Now, I knew my boys wouldn't jump at the chance to go to a tea party ordinarily, but we played up the idea that treats are always part of afternoon tea. 
The 'non-nappers' in the group helped to make the treats. Benjamin was in charge of making the ladybug cookies made out of Nilla Wafers, frosting, mini chocolate chips and Milk Duds.
Aren't they adorable?
The petitfours are simply store bought pound cake drizzled with royal icing made with lemon juice. Yum.
Rosalie and Tanya were in charge of the mini cupcakes -- a classic.

I couldn't help but decorate a few things . . . 

Both of the teas we offered were caffeine free, of course. 
'Grandma-ma' gave an overview of the manners. Such as: pulling out a chair for a lady, saying please, thank you and no thank you, keeping your elbows off the table and putting your napkin in your lap. I am a very down to earth type of gal, but I think it's a good thing to know . . . as I tell Benjamin, "You never know when you'll have the opportunity to be invited to the White House!"
Auntie Tanya and Grandmama gave instructions on how to take a ladies arm. 
Rosalie and Benjamin
Isn't our display lovely?

'Gramp' and Victor hammed up their jobs as servers of tea and treats. 
Reese doing a fabulous job sipping his tea.
'Gramp' and Victor serving treats.
After the TEA, all of the Grandchildren were anxious to have their next tea!
(That may have been partly to do with the fact that really, it's like having dessert before dinner!)
After the Tea Party, the children hosted their 2nd Gallery Night -- having so much fun throwing their first ever Gallery Night. Here are the greeters Reese and Ripley offering us some sparkling water. Too much!

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