Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Outside in My Garden

When spring really starts showing itself, I have this feeling in my heart . . . I can't believe it came! The miracle of everything seemingly coming back to life fills me with surprise. It's almost like deep in my gut I thought winter might overtake us permanently. Do any of you have this feeling when spring comes around? 

Here are the joys of coming spring around my garden . . . 

One of the most exciting: My Asparagus! The crowns are actually thriving under the dirt and are starting to send up shoots. Can you believe it?!
Awwwww . . . so cute!
There's another one!
And another!
Here is my rhubarb ready to burst open!

Look! It's a rhubarb leaf! I can already taste the tart stalks!
Anyone have great rhubarb recipes?
I'm planning pies galore, jam and conserve.
Just look at my happy garlic!
I hope all is well under that mulch.
My Siberian Kale made it through the winter (no wonder, Siberian)
So, do I just eat this and forget about new plantings?
Does kale really do well as a . . . perennial?
It's looking good though, isn't it?
All of these leaves are new growth. Amazing.
Inside the cold frames.
I've been a little slack about opening and closing my frames with so many other things going on.
It's gotten a little toasty in there recently and some of the plants are starting to bolt. I am considering removing the frames this weekend. Hmmmmm?
What I really need to do is thin them out, and have a greens fiesta! Look at the bok choy! So much to do!


Kristi said...

Wow, your garden is looking so beautiful. Even with the year round green we have around here there's still a wonderful feeling about spring.

Wild Peach said...

Try the recipe for Rhubarb Ginger Jam #15185 at Delish!

Blicky Kitty said...

Wow that's amazing to see so early. Do you have other posts/pictures about your coldframe?

Sandy said...

BK: you can look up my 'cold frames' label on my side bar to see other posts on cold frames. Also, Eliot Coleman's book Four Season Harvest is fabulous. The biggest mistake I made was going against Eliot's suggestion and I painted my cold frames. With all of the temperature changes the paint is chipping off completely. A mess. Moral of the story: Listen to Eliot and don't paint! :)