Thursday, April 2, 2009

Honey Bees

Yesterday was my last bee class. I can't imagine endeavoring upon bee-keeping without the personal education and support from other brand new bee keepers I received at the Bristol County Beekeepers Association. I have to say that I do feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of dumping (literally) my bees into their new hives and checking on them once they get established. Thankfully I have a friend who keeps bees who has said she will come by for moral support on the 'dump day' (not a technical term). I'm also hoping to go by and watch her work her bees if the weather would cooperate (it needs to be warm). It's exciting though, isn't it?

If you are a local and have an interest in keeping bees you can click on this link Bristol County Beekeepers Association to learn more about their bee classes which start in January every year. Also, one of the members and teachers, Everett keeps bees for a living now, has over 700 hives which he takes to area farms for pollination. He also makes hive equipment that you can purchase -- it's nice to support a local 'small' operation. Everett is a wealth of information, is a 'natural' beekeeper, and teaches classes at Bristol Community College in Fall River, among other places. If you are interested in watching Everett 'hive' bees from packages (a big ole' box of bees) he will be giving a demonstration at B.C.C. in Fall River (in the garden which is to the right of the college campus when you enter) at 2:00 pm on Saturday, April 25th. His website is .

I pick up my two bee packages on Monday, April 27th! Yikes!

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