Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

The first five days of rain were great for my garden and trees, but now it seems someone has gotten carried away with a joke. Enough already. I am thankful for the one day of sunshine that we've had in seven, but "please sir, may I have some more?"

This cute pair of birds has been visiting our front porch to get out of the rain. I was worried that they were starting a nest in my heart shaped grapevine wreath, but they are just enjoying the view and the shelter. Very sweet. 
Does anyone know what kind of birds they are? Purple Finch? I tried looking them up online but couldn't get a definitive answer.
Here is my baseball player Ripley trapped indoors. (Yes, and there I am in the mirror - oh well.) Isn't this a sweet picture? He was so serious, playing along, 'reading' the music. 
Praying for the opportunity to work outside in the dirt . . .

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geisme said...

I have a bird book if you would like to borrow it.