Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To Do's . . .

I have to do's swirling around in my head. It's getting a bit overwhelming. Time to make a list!
Over the next 3 weeks I must:
  1. Strain the 'compost tea' I have brewing in the garage and feed my seedlings in the basement. (My tomatoes aren't looking . . . chipper. Victor believes they are near death. Emergency measures are necessary!)
  2. Paint my hives. (Last coat)
  3. Make a level area for my hives.
  4. Set up my hives to be ready for the bees which will arrive on April 26th!
  5. Make potato towers (out of wire fencing).
  6. Plant potatoes (they are currently in a window, sprouting).
  7. Dig holes and fill with dirt and compost for sprawling plants like squash and melons in the side yard.
  8. Plant raspberry plants (due in the mail in the next two weeks).
  9. Harden off cold loving seedlings growing in my basement.
  10. Plant cold loving seedlings in my garden.
  11. Harden off plants in my cold frames. 
  12. Remove the cold frames from my garden.
  13. Turn and compost the remaining 2/3rds of my garden. 
  14. Prepare nursery for my baby hens, due May 13th.
These are just the things that are in the forefront of my mind (and of course doesn't include things like laundry, feed the family, clean the house . . . ). All before the BIG planting and beginning of the gardening season between May 15-30th! Busy Busy Busy!


Diane said...

I am trying a one quarter strength dilution of Neptune's Harvest fish and seaweed fertilizer every watering on my seedlings. (Finally found it at the Agway in Exeter, RI.)
It's too expensive for outdoor plants but so far the babies look good. I'm also trying to talk the family into seaweed gathering walks. Ha!

Sandy said...

That Agway is GREAT! Wish we had it up here. Ours is only OK. I keep meaning to collect seaweed. The last time I went specifically to collect seaweed, don't you know there wasn't any??? When does that ever happen in New England? I'll have to check out that fertilizer. Hopefully my compost tea is doing some good. Not sure why my tomatoes are looking so sad. :(