Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Morning Special Bees!

Even when I was in the midst of my bee class I couldn't understand why people said that new bee keepers have to hold themselves back from going into their new hives. Because a new keeper would be so inexperienced I reasoned . . . why be so eager to dig into a bee hive??! Crazy. Leave well enough alone, I thought. But now I can understand why. The first thing I did this morning was open the front door, grab the newspaper and walk around the side of the house to check on my bees. (I didn't go in the hives clad in my pajamas, mind you. I just looked at the outside of the hive.) I am happy to report that at some point yesterday evening they tucked themselves in. There was not one single bee zipping around the hives. Awwwww. Now hopefully they will get busy pushing out any dead bees and building their comb. Exciting! On Thursday I will check to be sure that the queen has managed to get out of her cage. In a week, I will be able to go into the main body of the hive to see if the queen is busy laying eggs! I'm looking forward to it.

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Bluidshay said...

I'm with you on that!! I kept going out on Sunday to sit in front of the hive and photograph them, and yesterday I rushed home from work and made, well, a beeline (!) to see how my girls (and lazy boys) were doing. I'm opening mine up tomorrow to make sure Queen Julia is united with her hive. It's been very hard not to peek in, which is kind of funny because just last week I was thinking about how I would not look forward to popping the lid off the hive and going face to face with my bees!

Sarah Murray