Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apple Picking

Since our apple trees are still in their infancy, we went apple picking on Saturday in Adamsville. What a gorgeous day. As I've lamented recently, we had the rainiest September on record here in New England. Pumpkins are literally rotting in the fields from too much rain. So, this more "typical" fall day was long overdue and very much appreciated.

These apple trees were trellised and packed together like soldiers. Victor wanted to know why we couldn't take this approach and (presumably) grow more apples per square foot. They looked pretty cool, but I don't know anything about it. Hmmmmm.

What a cute shot of Ripley. He was funny because he would only pick those apples he was going to eat on the spot. He literally didn't put one apple into the bag. But, he ate about six apples in that wagon.

Taking advantage of Victor's six foot frame -- handy!

They actually had a few turkeys at this apple orchard that were (the owner told me) one of the closest breeds to a wild turkey. I had inquired because there are a few places here in Rehoboth that sell free range turkeys, but they are the white Holland turkeys that sadly have been bred to have very large breasts (poor things) and don't taste as rich as heirloom -- less "manufactured" breeds. However, they just have a few for the kids to see. They did have a bunch of different types of chickens and they sell eggs. And they had two big ole' pigs and one little piglet.

Here we are at what we believe is the best ice cream place in the Massachusetts / Rhode Island area -- Grey's in Tiverton, RI. I always get their award winning Coffee Chip. Yumola. Benjamin, always the good eater gets a different kind every time -- to try it all out. This time he got the seasonal pumpkin ice cream which tastes like a pumpkin pie. Ripley, black raspberry. Victor, coffee. Incidentally, Victor's looking at me with that funny face because he's editorializing that I said "Say CHEEEEESEEEE!" when that hardly makes sense when they are eating ice cream. The next picture "Say ICCCCEEEE CRRREEEEEAAMMMM!" didn't come out any more flattering. Just smile, you whipper-snapper.

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