Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Bit Overwhelmed . . .

Gee, have you been wondering where I've been? (I hope so! :) )
I have bitten off a little more than I can chew. Now, those of you who know me well will say (I can hear you .... even from here) "What else is new? Sandy always have about 100 more things going on than the average person would try to attack ... and she's wondering why she's racing around ..."
Well, this time even I will admit I have one to many things coming at me.
  • My garlic bulbs just got delivered in the mail for planting (actually VERY exciting!). I have a few more weeks before the ground freezes so this is currently waiting on the back burner.
  • My cold frames are under construction. Scraping. Sanding. Caulking. Painting. Not to mention tending to what's going to be underneath them in the ground!
  • Since May I'd promised the Sunday School for Toddlers at our church a circus tent curtain project. Gee ... it's now October and it's almost done ... I have a meeting tomorrow to talk about hanging it up!
  • Finally I volunteered some of my time at Benjamin's school on the Enrichment Committee which plans and writes grants to get "private school" types of activities into our public school. It's a great cause ... but in typical form I'm having a hard time doing any aspect of it halfway. I've got 3 books out of the library regarding grant writing.
  • Ripley's birthday is banging at my door and he's been asking about it for literally ... months! Of course my birthday parties tend to be very creative and fun ... I can't let the boy down!!
  • Halloween is coming. We are having family over to "trick-or-treat" at our easy to walk around neighborhood -- which is an event I adore simply because it's really the only time New Englanders actually "drop on by" a neighbors house and say "HEY!" It's great. And of course I love the creative aspects of the costumes and personally enjoy dressing up too (no evil violent things allowed)! Benjamin is going to be a Recycling Bin!! I want to hand out flyer's and info getting people to recycle -- hopefully.
  • All of that homemade food ... I can't start serving t.v. dinners, can I??
OK, I know I'm being a little silly and need to "give" somewhere before I burst. The funny thing is ... I do love all this stuff! What to do. Does anyone else do this? Or, am I the only one?


Kristi said...

It seems like October through the first of the year is always soooo busy! Maybe it's the coolness in the air that causes everyone to want to do everything they have been procrastinating all year!! You still gotta take time out to relax at least some everyday.

Sandy said...

You are right - there is a season for everything (and take time to relax and play). For us, spring, summer and fall are BUSY! Perhaps this gives me a good reason to appreciate winter (not something I generally do ... unless we have a good snow storm for the boys -- fun!) Winter is a quieter time. Reading. Knitting. Fires. Afghans. Isn't it funny how differntly our weather effects us? Maybe your summer is like our winter. The good news about having a garden is that I get to start my seeds in January (in the basement) when the only green thing up here are pine trees and holly bushes! :)