Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Caramel Apples and "Spooking" Your Neighbors

Here are "The Boys" eating caramel covered apples. Look yummy, don't they? I got the recipe here. Not the healthiest ... but you have to splurge now and then, don't you? We have this cute tradition in our neighborhood. I've said before that our neighborhood is a rural development where people have between 2 - 14 acres. It's very wooded. Sadly, it is old farm land (the good news is, I'm making my plot into new farm land!). Anyway, this is a great little custom to bring your neighborhood together and have some fun with the kids. By Halloween, all of your neighbors (generally with children) should have been spooked. (OK, I just have to point out ... do you notice Victor commentating again as I'm photographing? I think he's missed his calling -- shoulda been one of those talking heads on Fox News. (Just teasing Love, NPR is more your style. xo)
First, you make 3 little goodie bags. (this is where the caramel apples come in) Not preferring to get stuff at The Dollar Store, or The Christmas Tree Shop, I made chocolate chip cookies and caramel covered apples. The treat is supposed to be anonymous, but I added a note explaining who it was from so folks wouldn't be worried (sad testimony, but anyway).
Second, you make 3 paper ghosts to tape onto the door of the neighbors you have "spooked".
Third, copy this poem and print out 3 off your computer:
Your house has been spooked
During the night by someone in
The neighborhood who wants to
Give you a fright!!

A bag of treats has been left for you,
Full of Halloween candy and other goodies too!

Now it’s your turn to give someone a fright
By placing three bags of candy & ghosts during the moonlight!

You only have until HALLOWEEN
To haunt and make your neighbors scream!
So get busy!
Spread your ghosts
to be sure that OUR neighborhood is haunted the MOST!

Once your house has been spooked,
Leave your ghost on the door,
So that we will come no more, no more! NO MORE!

You’ll need 3 bags of treats,
each with a copy of this rhyme AND a ghost enclosed
To take to 3 houses on your street!
All four of us went out in the dark of night to "spook" our neighbors -- hiding in the darkness, ringing the doorbells (most don't that part - but I was worried about the caramel apples overnight), and running! It was a blast for both Victor and I, and the kids.

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