Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two down, three to go

Growing up, my dad didn't want me to grow up being a helpless, whiny, wimpy, scaredy-cat girl. He was okay with the fact that I preferred dresses with high "twirling factors", but one thing he wouldn't let me do was sit on the sidelines while he and my brother did "WORK" around the house. Maybe that was due to growing up on a farm with three other brothers, or maybe because his incredible mother could work a cocktail party better than anyone -- but she could also chop off a chicken's head and cook that bird for dinner. Anyway, when my window wasn't sitting nicely on top of the frame I remembered from somewhere my father chiseling sections out of wood to make room for things like hinges. I dug around and found a hand-me-down old chisel I'd never used before and did what I remembered my dad doing when I was a kid. It worked and the window sits nicely on the frame now. Thanks Dad.
Here is ham Ripley. As soon as he knew the camera was out he took his eye off the nail and gave me a cheese-ball smile. What a ham. (But a cute ham, if I do say so myself.)
OK, here is Ripley actually at work. I put strips of wood on the bottom of my frames because Eliot Coleman recommended leaving the wood frame unfinished (no paint or stain and NOT presurized wood that even Home Depot didn't recommend) -- then preserving the bottom of the frame that would always be touching the wet soil -- by attaching a strip of wood on the bottom. It was supposed to be 1" thick, but all I could find was 1/2". It will have to do. I hammered the nails in almost all of the way, then Ripley finished hammering the last 1/2". He did a great job and had a blast.
Here they are! Two frames in place. Wonderful. Only three more to go. I only have to scrape, caulk and paint the other windows -- the frame parts are ready to go. Stay tuned!

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