Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kids are Funny!

Yesterday my SIL Tanya was over with her three children for the afternoon. At some point later in the afternoon Tanya and I heard some major screaming coming from downstairs in the basement. I raced down to the basement to encounter Ripley (4) and Rosalie (4 3/4) going at it. Ripley immediately jumped in to make his case ... "I am talking about Spiderman and SHE is talking about PRINCESSESES!!!"(this is how he said it, with one to many "es"es) Ripley continued "Rosalie says Spiderman saves Princesseses and is nice, but he is NOT, he is scary!!" Then Rosalie jumped in and explained "Spiderman does save Princesses! He is nice." And my dear, sweet Ripley stepped in like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld and shouted "No! Stop talking!" They would have gone on for hours. I did try to explain to Ripley that Spiderman historically is nice and tried to save people. To which my niece (reminding me of myself) chimes in "See, I was right" matter-of-factly. Ripley would hear nothing of it. When he wears his Spiderman costume, he wants to be powerful and scary -- not nice. However, when Benjamin came home from school and I told him the story he pointed out that Spiderman has never saved a Princess. Point taken.
For the record, Ripley as never seen any type of Spiderman movie, TV show or anything. All it took was inheriting a pair of Spiderman Pajamas a year ago. As I was discussing with a gal at the YMCA when Ripley showed up with his Spiderman Costume on -- those marketeers sure know how to suck the kids into their schemes. But, Ripley loves that costume and gets a lot of joy out of it. So, it's OK.

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