Monday, October 13, 2008

Cold Frame Progress

Here is Victor coming to my rescue. First, he had to rescue me from the circular saw. Second, he had to rescue me from nailing these frames together. I got a few 3 inch nails in, but then I started bending them left and right. With time I think I would have improved, but I'm a little short on time, was starting to feel very discouraged ... and Victor graciously came to my rescue. Thank you Love!
I'm hardly ever in my own blog, so even though Victor did all of this work (I did hold the boards), I'm posing here with the completed frames.
I still have to fasten the hinges onto the frame and window -- and use a razor blade to clean up my painting job -- but this is how they will look once they are completed. Exciting, eh?


a. borealis said...

They look fabulous!! You've got to post regularly on your progress with these babies - what you're growing and when, etc. I am so interested in learning more from first-hand experience.

I just picked up Four Season Harvest from the library based on your recommendation - my husband is reading it with enthusiasm. Thanks!

Sandy said...

Thank you! I'm excited. It's been a bit challenging b/c we aren't that handy with building ... but we got it done. I really should have started earlier with my fall plantings for one thing -- as growth really slows in winter. However, E. Coleman lives in Maine I believe so I might have a little grace period. I have to organize my garden / timeline better next year. My tomatoes weren't ready to pull, but I needed the space to start fall plantings ... etc., etc. Learning as I go. I think you'll love the book. Let me know what you guys think. -Sandy