Friday, October 10, 2008

A day in the life of me . . .

Here are my tomato plants. They are now hanging upside down in my garage. If the weather is getting too cold you can save your tomatoes by doing this and believe it or not they ripen slowly on the upside down vine. Cool eh?

Look at this beautiful rose! I had to include it. Isn't it gorgeous?

My peppers are working hard to ripen before hard core cold weather moves in.

Here is my cold frame work. Paint is drying. Right now I'm trying to get the nerve up to use the circular saw. Power tools give me the willies. I always feel like I'm going to lop off a limb. Scary. Notice my cute little fruit trees in the background and the pile of wood chips I have yet to finish putting around them (sigh).

Here is our front door dressed for fall. Of course the hay I'll be using in my garden as mulch -- Hello Garlic!

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