Sunday, October 19, 2008


Just wanted to let you know that at long last, as of 7:30pm tonight, my cold frames are finished and in place! Whew! Victor and I literally lugged them into place (the remaining 3) just before tucking the boys in bed with the outdoor lights on in the black of night. I've been using Benjamin's camera (because a mystery person knocked my camera onto the ground and now it no longer works -- no one has claimed responsibility) and his camera couldn't even register the picture it was so dark outside. I promise I will snap a shot tomorrow to show them off. I was too late getting started with my plantings -- but at the very least -- I will have cold frames to start seeds outside in the spring. However, I think some things will mature in them. Today it was raw outside -- windy -- and only got into the low 50's at one point. However, in my cold frame it was well into the 60's. Time will tell. Stay tuned.
(Now I can get back to cleaning the house!)

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